Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our End-Of-The-Year Pool Party

Gifts for Secret Sisters!

Bobby Luchessi, Jane Seabergh with husband and Anita Hossley.

June Emerson getting some ice with Alice, Jane and George Brown looking on.

Joan Donovan, Vera Brown, June Emerson, Catherine Meyer and Becky Towne.

George Brown and Bobby Luchessi looking very relaxed.

Pat Tinney, Louise Herrod and Katie Hossley

Andrea (with her back to photo) her husband Willie, Anita Hossley, Pam Melsheimer and Pat Stamm.

Someone needs to take this nice table with umbrella!

Too cool to get in the pool!

Pretty flowers along the fence line.

Joan Donovan and Vera Brown sitting at the table.

Bonnie waiting for someone to drop some food.

Chris Patin and myself.

Pat Stamm and Katie Hossley

Flag says it all!

Tom and Chris Patin

Alice Hebler- Lady of the House!

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