Monday, June 6, 2011

Pi Alpha Kappa Sorority 37th Biennial Convention

Saturday, June 4, 2011
"PAK Salutes Our Rising Stars"
8:30-9:00 AM
Registration & Refreshments
(Alpha Beta Chapter)

Ina Whittington, Joan Donovan and Margharita Davis

Louise Herrod, Jane Loboda and Joan Donovan

Pam Gee, Evelyn Harrison and Frances Koury

Myself, Marian Love Phillips and Margharita Davis

Refreshments (Alpha Beta Chapter)

Coffee Break Time!

Ina Whittington, Joann White and Joan Donovan

9:00 AM

*  Call to order
*  Reading of The Collect
*  Roll Call
*  President's Greeting
*Officer Reports
*  Committee Reports
*  Old Business
*New Business

Josephine Peterson, National President

Jane Brock, National Secretary

Georgia Turnage, National Vice President

Helene Benson, National Treasurer

Joan Morgan

Pam Gee, Keynote

 Evelyn Harrison and Ginny Horvath

10:30 - 10:45 AM

Break for Refreshments

Sally Riddle (Delta Chapter) and Beth Maggio

10:45 AM
Call to Order
Old Business
New Business
Officer Elections

Memorial Service 
Chris Patin, Chaplain

+George Eda Sherman
+Velda Buchanan
+Corrie Elliot
+Florence Amborn
+Jim Hampton
+Floyd Whittington

Installation Luncheon
Vicksburg Omega, Decorations

*  Call to Order
*  Reading of The Collect
*  Introduction of National Officers 
and the Head Table
*  Introduction of PAK Rats

A great meal was enjoyed by all the attendees.

Beautiful flowers by Janey Seabergh (Omega Chapter)

Luncheon Program:  Music
Glenda Arredondo 

Barbara Tracy at the piano.

Scholarship Awarded to Emily Robinson with Beth Haskins to her right.

Installation of National Officers 
President:  Georgia Turnage
Vice President:L  Margharita Davis
Secretary:  Jane Brock
Treasurer :  Helene Benson

Outgoing President's Remarks

Gifts for the outgoing President!

Passing of the Gavel

Incoming President' Remarks
Georgia Turnage

Special thanks go to the following 
individuals who worked so hard to bring
this convention to fruition:

Helene Benson
Jane Brock
Janie Curtis
Pam Gee
Beth Haskins
Ginny Harvath
Anita Hossley
Janey Seabergh
Joan Morgan
Chris Patin
Josephine Peterson
Georgia Turnage

Congratulation and Best Wishes to Emily Robinson!

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