Friday, July 5, 2013

Denver Delta Chapter


I was relieved to get this letter from Isolde Meyer updating us on our Denver sisters and wanted to pass on their news:

Some time has passed since we were all able to get together for a formal meeting, however when I received the May 2013 Keynote from Pam, I decided to make a call to our Chapter President Elly Danko to get an update on our group since we are less mobile these days.

President Elly Danko has been very busy getting her yard and garden ready for the growing season.  When we spoke she said she had a brief update on the other ladies in our group so I wanted to share what I learned.  Elly is also getting ready for a trip to Germany in early July.  She will be returning with a young neighbor boy who has always wanted to come over to see the United States.

Betty Shay, who was diagnosed with MS, has her son and grandson living with her to help with the daily chores.

Gennie McCloskey is still sharp as a tack, but her mobility at age 92 and a recent fall keeps her from attending face-to-face meetings, but I understand she is doing well.

Walburga Salazar had a wonderful birthday party in April and has been busy packing because her apartment building is going to be remodeled so they all have to relocate while the work is being done.  She is also not driving far distances anymore so getting together is also much more difficult.

Isolde Meyer is now living with her daughter Melissa and her husband Ron since November 2012.  Her new address is 15652 W. 79th Place, Arvada, CO 80007.  Phone: 303-423-8622.  She is also not driving anymore and has sold her car and is working on selling her house.  On May 20th in Estes Park, CO, she enjoyed the magical wedding of her granddaughter Jennifer and her new husband Lee.  Grandsons Cody and Tyler both graduated with two-year Associates Degrees and will continue their studies.
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