Thursday, September 8, 2011

PAK Meeting With Induction of Officers

Anita Hossley, out going President presiding over the induction of our new officers. 
Sitting to the right, June Emerson and Cindy Calais. 
Janey Seabergh, President.

Cathey Lee, Second Vice President.

Alice Hebler, Treasurer

Laura McCallum, Secretary 

Olivia Lee, First Vice President was absent.
Pi Alpha Kappa Sorority, Omega Chapter ceremony candles.

Anita Hossley, Katherine Turcotte, Pam Melsheimer, Cindy Calais and Connie Greer.

Ina Whittington, Anita Hossley, Connie Greer and Louise Herrod.

Andrea Kelly Hughes, Ina Lott Whittington and Jane Loboda.

We had our first meeting last night with induction of our new officers at the lovely home of Janey Seabergh, President, Omega Chapter, at Grinders Place.  We looked over the minutes of the convention, put together our meeting schedule for 2011-12 and received our 2011~2013 Pi Alpha Kappa Sorority National Roster booklet.  Also, our members list was pass around to look over and make necessary corrections and/or additions.  After the meeting we enjoyed a delicious meal with dessert.  Soft drinks were served and was enjoyed by all. Not attending was, Joan Donovan, Olivia Lee, Shannon Curro, Vera Brown , Pat Tinney and Frances Miller.
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