Saturday, January 12, 2013

Secret Sisters Gifts @ Meeting

Lucy got a heart wreath and I took this cute picture of her!

Cindy got this beautiful purple scarf.  It looks lovely on her.

Had to take a picture of Louise's cute scarf 

Pat received a beautiful wooden angel.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meeting @ Senior Center Tonight

Will the members who invited a "new member" please contact that person and make sure they know about the meeting.  I do have some email addresses but a few of them are being returned as not deliverable.  Thanks so much, Nancy
DATE:                    January 9, 2013

PLACE:                  Senior Center

TIME:                    7:00 pm

HOSTESSES:        Anita Hossley, Katie Hossley, Frances Miller and Janey Seabergh

PHILANTROPIC:  Warren County Children's Shelter (they need paper products, laundry bags, duffel bags, canned vegetables and fruit, etc.)
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