Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Valentine's Sorority Meeting

Pat and her sister getting ready to enjoy the evening!

Happy Valentine's Day PAK Sisters!

Heart cookies - Yum Yum!

Getting ready to serve our meal to our sorority sisters.  Left to right, Catherine Myers Turcotte, Anita Zorn Hossley, Vera Marshall Brown, June Emerson and Pat Stamm.

A cute cuddly bear as a centerpiece. 

Some beautiful Valentine's gifts for our special Secret Sisters.

Catching up on what's been going on since the last meeting from left to right, Connie Greer, Cathey Lee, Andrea Kelly Hughes and the back of Anita Zorn Hossley.  June Emerson and Becky Towne at the doorway.

Frances Zorn Miller and Katherine Myers Turcotte enjoying their meal.

Serving ourselves to a delicious chili dinner.

Singing Happy Birthday to Chris Patin. (February 1)

Singing Happy Birthday to Anita Zorn Hossley. (February 1)

Our meeting in progress!
Janey Seabergh and Anita Zorn Hossley getting ready to give out the gifts to some secret sisters.

Opening gifts!

Anita Zorn Hossley with a beautiful Mardi Gras wreath!

 Vera Marshall Brown showing off a beautiful Cherub angel from her Secret Sister!

Katie Hossley with a cute stuffed bear that plays music!

My pretty drinking container with a plastic lid for Valentine's and a beautiful Led candle w/holder.

Everyone enjoying each others company before we left to go home.

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