Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Fun @ Meeting

Chris Patin as Teeney Broom, Witch in Training!

Jane Loboda as a perfect Groucho Marx!  She just needs a cigar!

Louise Herrod with her fancy Pumpkin shirt on!

Olivia Lee as a Pumpkin!

Cathey Lee with orange hair and shirt!

Pam Melsheimer as a funny cute clown!  

Cindy Calais as our lovely host witch!

Nancy Lucchesi as a perfect pretty kitty cat! (note cat door stopper)

President, Janey Seabergh as a Magical Diva witch!

June Emerson with her pumpkin hat with earrings, vest and orange shirt!

Cat and mouse playing in the kitchen!

Sisters helping themselves to a delicious Halloween meal with an apple cake dessert to die for!

Andrea Kelly Hughes with her new sexy hairdo and pretty shirt!

Connie Greer as a Famous Witch!

Kay Lee, speaking on behalf of the Vicksburg Family Development Service.

Vera Marshall Brown puts on a nice smile in her Halloween shirt and earrings! 

Halloween/Fall gifts for Secret Sisters

Left to right:  Janey Seabergh, Olivia Lee, Pam Melsheimer, June Emerson, Nancy Luchessi, Becky Towne and Cathy Lee.

Left to right:  Janey Seabergh, Becky Towne, Olivia Lee, Host, Cindy Calais, Pam Melsheimer, June Emerson, Nancy Lucchesi, Andrea Hughes and Cathey Lee.

Pam Melsheimer and Connie Greer with a big spider!

Joan Donovan showing off what her Secret Sister gave her for Halloween.

A cool spider on the mantel at Cindy Calais's home.

Becky Towne with a  spider beside her!

Cindy Calais's lovely home where our Omega Chapter sorority meeting was held at 100 Main Street. Note the blue lights shinning in the background on the Old Court House Museum, commemorating 2012 National Night Out and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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