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Keynote - May 2013

Pi Alpha Kappa Sorority
Keynote – May 2013

Convention details are still in the works – thank you, Jane Brock!  Here is the news from the chapters.  We will be letting you know when the convention details are set.

News from the Chapters….

I hope our sisters in Denver are doing well since I haven’t heard from them in some time.  Remember, you are in our thoughts and prayers!

Vicksburg Alpha Beta

Pam Gee was delighted to have her sister-in-law from Iowa, Marilyn Emerson, come for a short visit in early April.  What a perfect time for a visit – azaleas and dogwoods in bloom and lots of great events as part of the Vicksburg National Military Park Sesquicentennial.  She even got a photo of Marilyn with Abe Lincoln (her children noted that they hadn’t realized she was THAT old!)  Pam continues to lead a couple of Weight Watchers’ classes in Madison each week and has visited children and grandchildren in Atlanta and Richmond, VA.

Joanne Wright celebrated the wedding of her daughter Valerie (and great-niece of Myrtle Curro Alvarado) to Joshua Brunt in Fairhope, AL, April 20. 
Vicksburg Delta

DELTA  CHAPTER  members enjoyed the lovely Founders' Day Tea in the home of Dinnie Johnston, Omega Chapter.  The ladies served a variety of delicious finger sandwiches and desserts, along with refreshing tea and green punch.  What a beautiful spring-like day to visit with PAK Sisters and remember the ladies who began our sorority.
During the Christmas holidays, Hal and Joan Morgan enjoyed having daughter Michelle and her two Beagles home for a two week recovery visit following another hand surgery.  This extended stay allowed for many hours of family time with the immediate kin.  She and Hal attended a Rotary District Conference in Memphis.  They met the Group Study Exchange members from Australia and England who are here for a month to learn about our culture and professions.  They stay in Rotary members' homes throughout central Mississippi.  Some of their impressions of the South:  air-conditioning is too cold; large servings at restaurants; the lack of uncooked fresh vegetables; they have had enough fried catfish; love our shopping and prices; we drive on the "wrong" side of the road; our toilets flush in the opposite direction.  They all agreed that there truly is Southern Hospitality!  The leader from Australia has been their guest for five days. Joan and Hal will soon leave for a 22-day trip to Norway!

In early February, Josephine Peterson’s son John transferred to Nashville, TN, from Arizona.  His older brother Richard flew to Arizona to help John drive cross-country.  Josephine joined them in Nashville and enjoyed a visit with them.  The three of them did find time to take in the night life at Tootsie’s, a country music bar.  Josephine added, “It will be nice to have John back in the South and closer to family.”  She also enjoyed the Lenten series at her church, Church of the Holy Trinity, followed by a gumbo lunch.  In mid-March, she traveled to Anderson, SC, to spend time with Richard’s family.  They enjoyed a St. Patrick’s Day parade and spending time together.  John was able to join them for the holiday weekend.  During Holy Week, Josephine’s niece Sarah and her two children visited from New Orleans.  They all enjoyed the Mississippi River Museum and touring the Military Park.

Vicksburg Omega

Olivia Lee and husband, Fred, attended the wedding of Olivia’s goddaughter in Picayune, MS.  They stayed at the Bed & Breakfast – The Henry Smith House.  They had a wonderful trip and visited with Olivia’s family.  Olivia and her daughter, Anne Marie Nelson did the readings at the wedding of Rosemary Smith and Joseph Anderson. Olivia also gave a Bridesmaids brunch for Rosemary.  

Nikki Walker, Daughter of Julie and Bill Walker of Clinton, MS, participated in a Mission trip to Atlacomulco, Mexico.  She went as a volunteer to assist with some of the children who are less fortunate.  Nikki Walker is the granddaughter of Vera Brown.  Nora Francis, daughter of Andrea and Owen Francis and also granddaughter of Vera Brown was chosen as Outstanding Catholic Youth of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Mandeville, LA.  She will be honored at the Archdiocese of Louisiana with a luncheon and medal.  Vera is very proud of these two young girls.

Cathey Lee’s son, Chris, has been hired as the Site Manager for the field research station of the non-profit organization, Tropical Forestry Initiative in Costa Rica for the next two years.  He was formerly a fine arts instructor at the University of Southern Mississippi.

On March 6, 2013, at the lovely home of Becky Towne, our new members were initiated into our sorority.  Congratulations to all our new sorority sisters!  Our Omega Chapter is really growing.

Founder’s Day was hosted by the Omega Chapter at the lovely home of sorority sister, Dinnie Johnston, on March 20, 2013, at her lovely home on Chambers Street.  If you would like to see photos of the event you can go to our Pi Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter Blog and view at:

Marian Love Phillips harvested a 120 lb. doe at the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club near Eden, MS, on January 5, 2013.  She was later featured in our paper, The Vicksburg Post, Sport Section with a very nice article and a picture of her deer.  Marian welcomed her 6th granddaughter born to her youngest daughter, Marian Suzanne (Suzi) Nicholas.  Granddaughter, Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth Nicholas was born on April 10th and she weighed, 7 lbs. 9 oz., 20 inches long in Fredericksburg, VA.  She was also be welcomed by her big sister, Emma, who is 5 years old.  This will make nine grandchildren for Marian.  Daughter, Debra Ann married Matthew A. Seage on April 20, 2013 at 4 p.m. in the Chapel at the MS Agriculture & Forestry Museum on Lakeland Drive, Jackson, MS.  They plan to go on their honeymoon to Orange Beach, AL, on April 29th.  Her husband, Bob Phillips, has been in Covenant Nursing Home since March 26 for physical therapy for his legs.  He has Parkinson Disease and is making progress and hopes to be returning home in a couple of weeks. 

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