Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Spring Omega Chapter Party

This past Friday our Spring Omega Chapter party was held at Jane and John Laboda's lovely home on Yorktown Road.  All sorority sisters and guest/husbands had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying a delicious meal together. We will be back together again in September.  Have a wonderful summer!

George Brown and Willie Hughes enjoying the screened in back porch.

Everyone having a great time!

Fred Lee and Homer Greer

Vera Marshall Brown, Chris Patin, Joan Donovan and Tom Patin a-swinging.

Chris Patin, Joan Donovan, Tom Patin

June Emerson, Alice Hebler, Nancy Lucchesi and Pam Melsheimer.

Alice Hebler with a doxen in her lap.

Vera Marshall Brown looking great in her blue spring outfit.

June Emerson, Alice Hebler, Nancy Lucchesi, her husband Bobby, Pam Melsheimer and Jane Laboda's son.

Looking down towards a lake in the backyard.

An old, old birdhouse.

Their huge swimming pool!

The back of the house.

Chris Ables, my brother-in-law and Homer Greer.

Pam Melsheimer and Jane Laboda, lady of the house.

All these people scared me so bad that I had to get on top of the roof!

This is my house....not your house!

My sister, Laura Love Ables looking at some orchids that she got from her secret sister.

I will be so glad when all these people go home!

Anita Hossley, June Emerson and Louise Herrod.

Katie Hossley and Ginger Berney.
Laura Love Ables and the Lady Of The House, Jane Laboda.

My sister, Laura Love Ables and myself.

Pam Melsheimer, Myrtle Loviza Curro and Louise Herrod.

Connie Greer with my sister, Laura Love Ables.

Chris Patin being funny with Andrea Hughes and Nancy Lucchesi.

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