Monday, April 27, 2015

Our End-Of-Year Party

Cindy needs to give Sally Bullard at Main Street Market Cafe a head count by this coming Friday, May 1. If members could email her yes or no if they are coming and whether or not their husband is coming. Her email is

There will be four different menu choices and three dessert choices.  All menu items come with soup and salad. You may bring wine if you wish.  

Please note It will be Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on May 6, 2015 at the corner of Main and Cherry Streets. $18/without dessert and $20 with dessert.  Tax and tip included.  Any questions just email Cindy. 


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Meeting & Silent Auction Fun

Our sorority meeting with a silent auction was held last night at the Senior Center at the corner of Walnut and South Streets.  Hostesses were Jane Loboda, Pat Tinney and Louise Herrod.  The food and desserts prepared was delicious with tea, coffee and soda.  The Good Shepherd Community Center was the Philanthropic.

The silent auction presents to bid on.

The Secret Sisters presents.  Mine was front and center with the blue bag and poky dot tissue.  It was a cute metal chicken watering can! I love it! Thanks secret sister whoever you are!

A cute yellow Easter chick display.

Frances Miller opening up the very first bid which was a big box of books!

Alice Hebler keeping up with the bid money for each sister and Katie Hossley emceeing.  

Olivia Lee, Cindy Calais and my sister, Laura Love Ables.  

Laura getting ready to open a gift that she bid on.

How cute!  A pretty flowered bird house!  Love it!

Laura opening up another gift.

A beautiful angel!

SOLD to the next bidder!

Opening up our Secret Sisters gifts and socializing.  

Looks like my sister, Laura was having such a good time bidding on a lot of gifts and making off like a bandit.  Like $40.00 worth!

Everyone had a great time visiting and we voted to go to the Main Street Market Cafe for our last meeting of our year. Looking forward to being there next month on May 6th. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Up Date

Please continue to pray for Tom, Pat Tinney's husband, who is recovering from a fall at their home. He is still in ICU but off the ventilator and getting round-the-clock rehab at the UMC.  

Also, my daughter, Theresa, who also fell and fractured her ribs is now suffering from pleurisy and pneumonia. She will be seeing the Doctor today for a followup.  

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