Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Omega Chapter Meeting

Happy Spring (maybe it is Spring and no more cold weather)
Date:                  April 2nd
Time:                 7:00 pm
Place:                 Senior Center
Hostesses:          Jane Laboda, Louise Herrod, Pat Tinney and Cindy Calais
Program:             Silent Action
Philanthropic:      Good Shepherd Community Center

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sorority Mardi Gras/St. Patrick's Day Meeting

Hostesses for our March meeting at the Senior Center are left to right - Laura Love Ables, June Emerson, Vera Marshall Brown, Marian Love Phillips and Ina Lott Whittington.

A beautiful Mardi Gras cake.  

Dinnie Johnston and Ina Lott Whittington talking before everyone arrives.

Laura Love Ables making sure the food is all set out for our sisters to enjoy. 

Vera Marshall Brown showing off Laura's Mardi Gras fan!

Centerpiece for tables.

Our sorority napkins.

Check out all the food to enjoy!

All pictures were taken by Lucy Spangler with her pink phone and appreciated her standing in for me since I left my memory chip to my camera in my CPU.  Thanks so much Lucy!

Laura Love Ables, June Emerson and Marian Love Phillips before the meeting. 

St. Patrick's Day cookies - Yum Yum

Drinks for the thirsty.

Big green tub full of water and cola!

Yummy chips and dips!

June Emerson posing so cute with a Mardi Gras fan.

Alice McNamara Hebler showing off her happiness of being retired.  

A nice hug between Dinnie Johnston and Louis Herrod.

Pat Tinney sporting a nice smile. 

Cathey Lee.

Jane Laboda.

Presents for Secret Sisters

Enjoy catching up while waiting for the meeting to start. 

Time to eat.

Jane getting ready to cut the Mardi Gras cake.

Enjoying our food and visiting.

Everyone look at Lucy and say, "Cheese."

Cindy Calais got a cute rabbit from her secret sister!

Andrea Kelly with her nice surprise bundle!

Laura Love Ables showing off her gifts from her Secret Sister.

Joan Donovan smiles from getting a very nice green purse from her Secret Sister.

Janey Seabeaugh Secret Sister gift.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Omega Chapter March Meeting

Hello Everyone.
DATE:                             March 12th
TIME:                              7:00 pm
PLACE:                           Senior Center
HOSTESSES:                  Laura Ables, Vera Brown, June Emerson and Marian Phillips
PHILANTHROPIC:         Community Cupboard
I hope everyone has a wonderful time.  I will miss seeing all of you.  My brother and his wife are going to be here for a few days so I will see you at the next meeting. 
Thanks, Nancy
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