Saturday, November 1, 2008

PAK Omega Chapter Rush

Front row, left to right, Pat Stamm, Connie Greer, Katherine Turcotte, June Emerson and myself, Marian Phillips. Back row, Nancy Luchessi, Andrea Kelly, Ina Whittington, Cindy Calais, Vera Brown, Frances Miller, Anita Hossley and Olivia Lee. Absent were Joan Donovan, Alice Hebler, Barbara Kinnebrew, Myrtle Alvarado and Chris Patin.
Our guest, left to right, Laura McCallum, Katie Hossley, Shannon Curro, Pam Melsheimer, Janie Seabergh, Cathy Lee and Jane Laboda.

Left to right, guest Katie Hossley, Katherine Turcotte, Andrea Kelly, Connie Greer and guest, Janie Seabergh and Vera Brown.

Left to right, guest, Katie Hossley, Andrea Kelly, guest, Pam Melsheimer and Vera Brown.

Nancy Luchessi and guest, Shannon Curro enjoying each others company.

Cindy Calais enjoying herself.

Nancy Luchessi and Cindy Calais posing for a picture.

Left to right, June Emerson, Ina Whittington, Frances Miller, guest, Katie Hossley and Pat Stamm.

Left to right Andrea Kelly, Connie Greer, Nancy Luchesi and guest, Cathy Lee and Vera Brown.
Left to right, Katherine Turcotte, Anita Hossley, guest, Janie Seabergh and Andrea Kelly.
Punch was also served with the delicious food for our guest and members.

November 1, 2008, at 3:00, a Rush was hosted by our chapter in Connie Greer's lovely home in Marian Park. Vera Marshall Brown, our 2nd Vice President, sent out invitations to seven ladies. They were, Jane Laboda, Pam Melsheimer, Katie Hossley, Janie Seabergh, Shannon Curro, Cathy Lee, and Laura McCallum. Everyone seemed to enjoyed the wine, cheese and finger sandwiches, etc., that the members brought to celebrate the occasion.

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