Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sorority Valentine Party/Meeting

Our beautiful Happy Valentine's Day Cake!
A pretty Valentine tree!

Left to right, Ina Lott Whittington, co-host, myself, Marian Love Phillips and Joan Donovan hanging out before the party begins.

Hostess, Pat Stamm
Left to right, Katherine Meyer Turcotte, President, Andrea Kelly Hughes, Cindy Calais, Connie Greer and Frances Miller.
Jane Lobada and Shanon Curro enjoying the evening at the party.

Left to right, Connie Greer, Pam Melsheimer and Joan Donovan.

Chris Patin, our Secretary.

Nancy Luchessi on our Calling Committee.

Olivia Lee

Left to right, June Emerson, Cathy Lee, Janie Seabergh and Anita Zorn Hossley.

Left to right, Olivia Lee, Cindy Calais, Frances Miller, Nancy Luchessi and Joan Donovan.

Pat Stamm seated with her sister, Dorothy Neill, standing who lives in Tallulah, LA, and joined us in the celebration.

Pat Stamm, with Vera Marshall Brown and Ina Lott Whittington, hosted our Valentine's Day Party/Meeting last night at Pat's (Cannon Gates Apartment Club House) and everyone really enjoyed being there. Not everyone could attend but they really missed a good time. We had our meeting first and then enjoyed our Valentine treats. Afterwards, we handed out our secret sisters gifts. Our philanthropic was Haven House Family Shelter of personal care items, gift cards, dishes, etc.

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