Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Christmas Party @ Roca's

Joan Donovan and Alice Hebler checking out the tables.

Lovely Christmas centerpiece!

Alice Hebler, Joan Donovan and Pam Melsheimer.

Myself, Marian Love Phillips, Joan Donovan and Pam Melshimer.

My sister, Laura and I.

Chris Patin, Connie Greer, Olivia Lee and Louise Herrod.

Andrea Kelly Hughes and Laura Love Ables

Louise and Bobbie Joe Herrod

Laura Love Ables, Vera Marshall Brown and Nancy Lucchesi

Connie Greer with daughter, Laura McCallum

Bill Seabergh and Homer Greer

Shannon Womack Curro and Becky Towne

Bill and Janey Seabergh

Front row:  June Emerson, Pat Stamm, Pam Melsheimer, Joan Donovan, Alice Hebler, Louise Herrod, Katherine Turcotte, Anita Hossley and Olivia Lee.  Back row:  Katie Hossley, Shannon Curro, Janey Seabergh, Myrtle Curro Alvarado, Vera Marshall Brown, Connie Greer, Alice Lucchesi, Frances Miller, Becky Towne, Laura McCallum, Jane Loboda, Cathey Lee, Marian Love Phillips, Chris Patin and Cindy Calais.  Missing:  Pat Tinney and Ina Whittington.

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