Friday, March 15, 2013

Founders Day Celebration

Founders Day was held on March 10, 2013, at the lovely home of Dinnie Johnston at 1407 Chambers Street.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and caught up on other Chapters happenings.

Up-close view of the beautiful circular front porch.

A beautiful wreath on the door.

Alice Hebler having tea!

Olivia Lee with the lady-of-the-house, Dinnie Johnston.

Myrtle Alvarado, Chris Patin and Ginger Berney. 

Josephine Peterson

Cindy Calias

Cathy Lee and Pam Melsheimer

Jane Loboda

Enjoying the treats!

Beautiful flower centerpiece arrangement.

Myself, Marian Love Phillips and my sister, Laura Love Ables.

Becky Towne

Laura McCallum and Lucy Spangler and Alice Hebler on the sun porch.

President, Janey Seabergh

Joan Morgan and Myrtle Alvarado.

Joan Donovan and Sally Riddle.

Joan Morgan, Josephine Peterson and Joann White.

Lucy Spangler and Laura McCallum.

Joan Donovan and Chris Patin going upstairs.

Ginger Berney and Katie Hossley

Louise Herrod, Pat Tinney, Chris Patin, Laura Love Ables and Jane Loboda.

Around the table - Pat Tinney, Ginger Berney, Pam Melsheimer, Myrtle Alvarado, Laura McCallum, Chris Patin and Unidentified from the back.

Vera Marshall Brown and myself, Marian Love Phillips with Janey Seabergh in the background.

Laura Love Ables, Vera Marshall Brown and Joan Donovan.

Lots of delicious cupcakes to consume.

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