Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sorority Sisters Night Out

We held our last Omega Chapter meeting at the Main Street Market Cafe which is nestled in the oldest neighborhood in Vicksburg.  The 1840 building with brick floors has a collection of odd and end tables and chairs adding to the unique atmosphere. It's own by a family, the Mother, Betty, daughter, Sally and son-in-law, Chris, who is the star of the show cooking up mouth watering meals to enjoy with a southern twist.  The menu changes daily to keep things interesting.  Chris also serves up creative Cajun cooking as well. 

Sally welcomed all of us with her southern charm and we all enjoyed a delicious meal together until we all meet again in September.  Wishing all Sorority Sisters a very Happy Summer!

Laura McCallum, Pam Melsheimer and Walter McCallum.

A beautiful handmade quilt on the wall with pictures for sale.

Lucy Spangler talking to Laura while Cindy Calsis and Dinnie Johnston, come in the side door.

Joan Donovan getting out and enjoying herself after her surgery.  

Cindy Calais posing with a pretty smile!
Dinning table in another room of the Main Street Market Cafe.

A pretty display of an assortment of dinnerware. 

A painting with another pretty quilt on display for sale.

Olivia Lee standing talking to Dinnie Johnston while Lucy Spangler and Katie Hossley enjoy visiting.  Cindy sitting at the back table.

Louise Herrod and Jane Laboda smiling for the photographer, me!

Pat Tinney, Cathy Lee, Robert and Myrtle Alvarado.

Bill and Janey Seabergh enjoying a conversation.

Katie Hossley with Bill Seabergh to the right.  Lucy Spangler trying her best to photo bomb the picture but the table flowers got in the way!

Anita Hossley, Olivia Lee and Cindy Calais getting ready to enjoy the evening.

Louise Herrod, Jane Laboda, myself (Marian Love Phillips) and Joan Donovan waiting for our soup/salad.

Chris Patin showing off an item you can purchase.

Sally, standing behind the desk, was a great hostess at the Main Street Market Cafe with her husband and staff. Thanks Sally for making our last time together for a few months an enjoyable and memorable occasion. 

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