Thursday, September 10, 2015

September ~ Omega Chapter Meeting

Our first meeting of the 'new year' was held downtown at the Vicksburg Senior Center.  We had a very small attendance since some were out-of-town and/or sick.  Only fourteen out of twenty-five sorority sisters came. We have a brand new time now and also a week-later date change that may have thrown some off.  We really had a nice meeting with our guest speaker, Alicia Theriot. The food prepared by the hostesses was very delicious. Hopefully, our October meeting will get us all back on track. 

Secret Sisters gifts! 

Standing, Cindy Calais, Ginger Berney and Louise Herrod.  Sitting, Joan Donovan.

Food, dessert and drinks for our sisters.

President, Ginger Berney

Cindy Calais, Ginger Berney (back), Alicia Theriot, Katie Hossley, Chris Patin (back), Joan Donovan and Laura McCallum.

Joan Donovan, Laura McCallum, Lucy Spangler, Anita Hossley, Pam Melsheimer (back) and Louise Herrod.   

Lucy Spangler, Oliva Lee (back), Katie Hossley (back), Francis Miller, Laura McCallum and Joan Donovan.

Olivia Lee showing off her new socks her Secret Sister gave her.

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