Sunday, December 13, 2015

Omega Chapter Christmas Party Pix

Our Christmas Party was held at 6:30 on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at ROCA Restaurant & Bar and everyone had a wonderful time.  We got to finally meet our secret sister and draw for a new one for the coming year. A very pleasurable time was had by all who attended.  We missed our sisters, Dinnie Johnston, Vera Marshall Brown, Ina Lott Whittington, Pam Melsheimer and Louise Herrod who could not attend.  Wishing all our secret sisters in PAK a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Frances "Fran" Miller, Pat Stamm, Bartender and Lucy Spangler.

Stephen Spangler and Pat Stamm.

Stephen Spangler, wife, Lucy and Pat Stamm.

Chuck Miller and his wife, Frances Miller.

Chris and Tom Patin talking to Victor and Glenda LaGarde.

Stephen Fields, Matt Hossley and Ernest Berney with daughter.

Alice Hebler, (Treasurer) taking up money for our Christmas Party with Olivia Lee, Ginger Berney and Laura Love Ables.



from our Secret Sisters!

Laura Love Ables (Sister) and Pat Tinney.

Ginger Berney with daughter.

Jane Loboda, Cathey Lee, Alice Hebler and Pat Tinney.

Jane Loboda, Cathey Lee, Alice Hebler and Marian Phillips.

Katie Hossley and Chris Patin.   

Cindy Calais and hubby, Charles.

Joan Donovan, Anita Zorn Hossley and Pat Stamm.

Olivia Lee giving Myrtle Loviza Alvarado a sisterly hug.

Bobby Alvarado with Glenda Betts LaGarde.

Alice Hebler talking to Walter and Laura McCallum.

Janey and Bill Seabergh with Chris Patin...Hello!

Katie Hossley, Chuck Miller, Walter McCallum and Bill Seabergh.

Laura Love Ables, Jane Loboda and Janey Seabergh.

Pat Tinney and Joan Donovan having a conversation.

My sister's pretty ceramic angel that she received from her secret sister, Pat Tinney.

A beautiful pewter bowl from my secret sister, Frances Miller.

Katie Hossley with Cathey Lee my secret sister I drew from last year with a beautiful gold speckled scarf and gold necklace that she received from me for Christmas.   Merry Christmas Cathey Lee!

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