Thursday, July 27, 2017

PAK End-of-Year Potluck In May

Welcome to our PAK Omega Chapter end-of-year potluck supper that was held at Janey and Bill Seabergh's lovely home at 201 Grinders Place on Friday, May 12th.    

Pam Melsheimer calling the girls to come so we could all say grace and start eating our meal.

As soon as we finished saying grace a big wind came up and blew the table umbrella up on the roof.  I did not get a picture of it because I was ducking and hoping it would not hit me as it came down from the roof.  A storm was brewing so we all had to go inside to eat.  The yard looked so nice with tables all around for us to eat outside but Mother Nature said otherwise.  

Bottle tree I took a picture of before the storm.

Left to right: Matt Hossley, Pam Melsheimer, Ginger Berney, Alice Hebler, Anita Zorn Hossley and Katie Hossley.

Fred Lee, Bill Seabergh and Tom Patin.  

Bill Seabergh and Tom Patin eating up!

Matt and Katie Hossley.

Left to right;  Chris Patin in blue/white, Louise Herrod, Bill Seabergh, Alice Hebler, Fred Lee, Cathy Lee, Olivia Lee at the sink and Janey Seabergh in pink.  

A wonderful time was had by all until September 2017.  

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