Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keynote - April 2009

From Your National President.....Pam Gee

Why Should I Attend the Convention?

If you have never attended a convention, this thought might be running through your mind as you read and hear about the convention. It's just a bunch of boring meetings, right?

How wrong you would be! The reception Friday night is a wonderful way to get to meet and know sisters from other chapters in a relaxed and informal setting. There's lots of laughter, reminiscing, and catching up on news.

But what about the meeting? True, there will be minutes and a treasure's report, etc., but even these meeting provide a chance of sisterly contact. They also help you understand the sisterhood to which you belong.

Several activities will touch your hearts and remind you how powerful sisterhood can be. We will be honoring our National Project (Scholarship) winners. You will see how your dues and your activities provide a chance for deserving young women to further their educations and make a difference in our world.

We will elect officers. These women will step forward and undertake the behind-the-scenes work which keep our sorority functioning. It is a chance to celebrate commitment and sacrifice. You will also support those in your chapter who have stepped up to serve.

Lastly, we will hold a memorial service to honor our sisters who have gone on before us. This moving service provides a chance for us to remember, shed tears, and celebrate the wonderful lives of these beloved women.

Why attend the convention? Why would you want to miss all this, packed into less than 24 hours? You deserve to be there and to celebrate a sisterhood which is worth so much more than those brief hours. We'll see you there.

PAK Convention 2009
June 5-6, 2009
Reception, Friday,l Juen 5 - Georgia Turnage's
home at 11 Lakewood Lane
Meetings & Installation Luncheon - Saturday, June 6
First Presbyterian Church
Theme: Hats Off to PAK Sisterhood
Convention Chairman - Joann White

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