Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Service

Friends no longer with us
and yet memories flood the soul
Of those who've given unselfishly
To reach PAK's lofty goals.
Of service to humanity
Reaching out to those in need
With compassion, love and kindness
Through action, words and deeds.
We've shared this walk together
Been blessed by God above
To have "reached the stars through effort"
By friendship's bond of love.
Friends no longer with us ~ oh, no
For memories are forever tied
Bound and cherished within the heart
Where love remembered ~ never dies.
Frances C. Koury
Vicksburg Alpha Chapter

Beth Haskins honoring the memory of Merrilyn Anthony, Vicksburg Delta Chapter, March 2009
Vera Brown honoring the memory of Barbara Kinnebrew, Vicksburg Omega Chapter, December 2008.

Marie Hernandez honoring the memory of Helena Walley, Vicksburg Beta Chapter, Honored Member, November 2008.

Kathryn Chaney honoring the memory of Wanda Duvernet, Vicskburg Beta Chapter, June 2008.

Francis Koury honoring the memory of Margaret Stephens, Vicksburg Alpha Chapter, February 2008.

Louise Carr ~ Alpha Chapter, Helene Benson ~ Delta Chapter and Linda Christian ~ Beta Chapter. Chaplain, Chris Patin ~ Omega Chapter.
Also in Remembrance of:
John Danko, PAK Rat
Denver Delta Chapter, 2007
Martin T. Hebler, PAK Rat
Vicksburg Omega Chapter, October 2007
Gerald Turnage, PAK Rat
Vicksburg Beta Chapter, March 2008
John Anderson, PAK Rat
Vicksburg Alpha Chapter, September 2008
Ellis Koury, PAK Rat
Vicksburg Alpha Chapter, May 2009

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