Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sorority Sister Katherine's Progress

Today, they tried to take her vent out and had to replace it back due to her not being able to breather on her own.  They will try again to remove this on Thursday and if she is unable to breather on her own then they will replace the vent with a trach.  Her x-ray looks better with a few spots still on her lungs.  They are doing dialysis 3 times a week. Her vitals are staying strong and steady.  She has a long road to recovery but she will make it with your thoughts and prayers.  

You can also leave Katherine a message at - Just type in her name with no spaces and it will asked you for your email address or Facebook account, a password and then you are in the site to leave a message for her to read later. Also, pictures of her and her family can be viewed.  The site was created to keep friends and family updated.  Keep your support and words of hope and encouragement coming during this time when it really matters the most. Thanks!  Marian

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