Monday, September 3, 2012

Latest Two Updates On Katherine

Here are the last two updates on Katherine via the Caring Bridge site. Please continue to keep Katherine and family in your prayers. ~Marian

Sunday's Update

Written 2 hours ago
We hope that you are enjoying this Labor Day weekend.  Sister Paulinus and I went to See Katherine Yesterday.  Her eyes were opened when we arrived and you could tell that she was tired.  She suffered a hemorrhage in her eye this week, so her eyes are very red and inflamed, Please be sure and sign the visitor book, it is on the dry erase board in her room.  Also please encourage everyone to sign her caring bridge everyday. Katherine's family is checking this daily for updated messages to read to her.   We know that she is on many prayer lists, please keep those prayers coming.  I saw Steve and Candy while we were there and Greg was coming this weekend and Jeff is coming soon.  We have had 379 site visits.  Yippee.  We really would like to have picture if you have them, you  may e-mail me at
Keep PUSHING Katherine followers:  You are a miracle and the miracle continues through you:
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind.
  —Bob Dylan


Written Aug 31, 2012 1:43pm
Happy Friday Katherine Followers,
Sorry for the delay in the updates, but Issac had other ideas.  Today our girl has finished dialysis and they pulled off 2.8 lbs of fluid. She is going to get 1 Unit of Blood today.  We do asked that if you can, please go and donate blood in her name, you can do this at Ms. Blood services or your local blood bank.  Her X-ray's are still showing no change at this time.  She is continuing to take baby steps and with your thoughts and prayers she will.
Lisa her daughter in law has returned home this past Weds and her brother Buddy has also returned home to Georgia and will return soon.  Steve and Candy are there daily and Greg & Sherry will be here this weekend.  Jeff is getting his schedule settled so that he can return as well. 
KEEP PUSHING!  Praying until something happens! It's working.
Parts of this am mediation::
What can I give and take:
I'm a trader at heart. . . except that I don't like trades that come out equally--that's too much like borrowing. I'd rather trade a strong hand for a patient ear or a story for a meal: anything that keeps things turning over.
  —Gordon Bok

Have a great weekend Ya'll!!!

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