Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Update on Katherine

From Caring Bridge ~

Happy Wednesday,

Katherine is still fighting the fight as she has all encouraged us to do many times over.  Katherine's son Steve's girlfriend Candy's father has suffered an aneurysm and they will leave for GA today.  Please lift them up in your prayers also.  Tim is coming this week from KY and Jeff will be here this weekend and Buddy will return.  I hope that you go and also read the posts here from other followers.  I love what Ken Sucharski wrote " Katherine, Special Human, One Day at A Time".  Anna Booth stopped by to see her on 9/3 and kidded her about her snoring.  Charles Calhoun writes " OK!! Get over this already, we need you back at the Lion's Club.  Sarah Pardue is posting daily.  Thank You! Your post are all encouraging and we read them to her.  We have been waiting for them to put a stomach tube in, and this will be done soon if not already.  A special shout out to Dr. Giffin who has been taking care of here.  Katherine many are seeing why your truly love Dr. Giffin.  Please encourage members from St. Michael's to also visit this site.   Let's send some Energy Prayers today for hope and healing.  We continue to PUSH!!!
So if you get a chance stop by this week, sign the guest book in her room, thank you for finding it, things get moved around in her room.
We will leave you with this today:   Perceptions and Possibilities:
You are living through a day that is filled with countless possibilities. And you can act right now to bring the very best of those possibilities to life. ~Ralph Marston

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