Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our October PAK Omega Chapter Meeting

Our October meeting was held at the lovely home of Dinnie Johnston, 1407 Chambers Street on October 1st.  Hostesses were Chris Patin and Pam Melsheimer.  

Lucy Spangler posing with a glittering pumpkin!

Lucy Spangler, Joan Donovan and Dinnie Johnston.

Myself, Marian Love Phillips, Joan Donovan and Lucy Spangler.

Joan Donovan, Pam Melsheimer, Myrtle Loviza Alvarado, Mrs. Lee (Guest Philanthropic Speaker) of Vicksburg Family Development and Dinnie Johnston.

Ginger Berney and her baby Samantha sleeping.

Janie Seabergh re-adjusting her neck scarf.

Katie Hossley and Lucy Spangler.

Anita Hossley listening in deep thought.

Philanthropic Speaker of the Vicksburg Family Development.

She received a very lovely shopping bag.

Samantha wide awake and taking it all in.

Halloween gifts for Secret Sisters.

Lucy Spangler looking in the mirror checking out her new hairdo and mask from her Secret Sister.

Looking lovely in her hard rock hairdo and holiday mask.

Lucy Spangler is really into the Halloween theme!

Cute picture of Samantha as she was leaving the meeting.

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