Saturday, March 7, 2015

PAK Founders' Day Tea

(A souvenir packet with two teas bags inside)
It was a beautiful day to go to our Founders' Day tea which was held at the lovely home of Ginger Berney on Camdem Drive.  

A beautiful display of sweet treats!

A very lovely centerpiece in the dinning room.

Lucy Spangler looking lovely in her finest! 

Katie Hossley looking cute and chic with her black hat on.

Tea and Coffee

Finger sandwiches, veggies and pecan tarts.

A delicious punch with berries.

Laura McCallum and Laura Love Ables enjoying catching up.

Katie with a pretty smile talking to the lady of the house, Ginger.

Cathy Lee, Pat Tinney and Jane Seabergh.

All enjoying being together.

Pat Tinney heading to the kitchen area.

Lucy Spangler, Katie Hossley and Dinnie Johnston.

We all had a wonderful time today and wished more of our sisters had been there.  I'm sorry that they missed out on a great Pi Alph Kappa Founders' Day Tea! 

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