Sunday, March 29, 2015


A message was received this past Friday about Pat Tinney's husband,Tom, who is in critical care at UMC and will be for a few more days.  He is on a ventilator as his oxygen level was not where it needed to be.  It was put in while being transported and will remain for another day or two. He has 9 breaks in ribs on one side, some hairline breaks on lower, outer area of spine, a large gash on his forehead, and one under one eye with damage to that bone. No surgery is required though.  He has a small amount of blood on the brain that will heal itself.  He is totally sedated with and tied down as he has pulled out IV's and becomes extremely restless.  Pat feels that he may be moved to a regular room in a few days.  She sounded positive.  He fell when a ladder broke.  He had the ladder and scaffolding tied down.  Per Cathey Lee.  Please keep Tom and Pat in your prayers at this time. 

Prayers for my 51 years old daughter, Theresa (Teri) who fell in her home last week and has fractured her ribs. She has been falling down inside/outside her home since last November. She has been diagnosed with myositis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, lung problems and other health issues.  She also had one of her kidneys removed a few years ago that was diseased and now she is on disability.  If you will please keep her in your prayers as well since she is in a lot of pain right now from her fall. ~ Marian

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