Sunday, January 18, 2009

E-mail from Nancy

Dear Sisters,

This is probably the longest email I have written in years and I sure hope I have everything correct.

Katherine called and gave me the information for Founders Day and To Vicksburg With Love PAK Concert and Fund Raiser. We are fortunate that we can combine the two since our chapter is responsible for Founders Day. The date is Tuesday, February 10th at the Southern Cultural Center.

Our Chores: (1) Someone to Collect the money at the door. (2) Table decorations. (3) Assemble salads.

Story Book will provide casseroles and they will have the makings for the salad. All we have to do is assemble and serve it. If anyone would like to bring a Bundt cake, brownies, etc. it would be very nice.

This is not a mandatory meeting but your presence would be appreciated. The price is $10.00 per person. Please call Katherine to make your reservations. (601-636-3229)

Jane Byrd and Norman Joseph will perform a musical concert.

Thanks, Nancy

PS. Our regular meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 11th at Cannon Gates Club House, Vera and Pat are hostesses. The philantropic is Haven House Family Shelter.

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