Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News from ~ Omega

We were deeply saddened by the death of Omega sister Barbara Helen Ables Kinnebrew on December 15, 2008. Barbara was known for her lively spirit and infectious smile. The 1958 Homecoming Queen at Culkin Academy, Barbara went on to work as a beautician before becoming a successful realtor. She will be deeply missed.

Vera Brown had cataract surgery on October 27, 2008 on one eye and will have the other one operated on November 17, 2008. She commented that she can now see the gas prices at Kangaroo! Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Anita Hossley's daughter, Marcia Shingleton, and family moved to Durham, North Carolina this summer. Anita rode to NC with Marcia and her 3 children, Rob, Meg, and Mary Elizabeth, when they relocated there. Later in the summer Anita, Mike and Margaret Piazza and their 3 daughters, Ashleigh, Anne Stewart, and Elise, flew to NC for a vacation. Marcia and her children joined them at Top Soil Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. While there they visited the Turtle Hospital where they learned about the Loggerhead Turtles and efforts to rescue them. Anita's granddaughter, Ashleigh Piazza, was elected to be one of the Freshman Class Maids of the St. Aloysius' Homecoming this year.

Katherine Turcotte's grandson, Anthony, has come to live with her and husband, Roy. Anthony is working at McDonald's and is also working on his GED. Good Luck Anthony on your GED! Katherine and husband Roy went to St. Louis, MO, in September for Roy's ship reunion. All Roy's shipmates were so glad to see him since they had not seen him since his stroke in June 2007.

Marian Love Phillips flew into Richmond, VA and motored on to Fredericksburg, VA, for her granddaughter, Emma's, first birthday on July 25. All grandparents and friends were invited to attend. It was a very special occasion and she got so many presents. Her birthday cake was a Hugh pink castle and of course she was the PRINCESS! Marians daughter, Kathleen Day (Kathy) has been hired by RIVERWALK, our new Casino, as Supervisor of Maintenance. Congratulations Kathy! Michael "Ethan" Kelly, Marin's grandson, has been promoted to master Sergeant in the Jr. ROTC. Ethan is in the 9th grade and wants to make the Air Force his career when her graduates from high school.

Joan Donovan and her husband Mike took their camper up into the Smokey Mountains this past October. She said the leaves were changing and very pretty. They saw and took a lot of pictures of wildlife and was exciting to see three bear cubs in a tree. The weather was just beautiful and they had a really good time.

Ina Whittington's son, David, got a promotion from Assistant Manager to Manager of the Food, Deli and Beverage at RAINBOW Casino. Daivd has worked for RAINBOW for the past 7 years now. Rhonda, Ina's daughter, has a new job working at AT&T Retail Store on Pemberton Blvd. She has been employed for approximately 3 months now. Good Luck in your new job, Rhonda!

1959 Classmates in Omega Chapter: Marian Love Phillips, Ina Lott Whittington, Myrtle Loviza Alvarado, Katherine Meyer Turcotte, Vera Marshall Brown were recognized at the St. Aloysius Homecoming Mass and Reception on October 24 honoring the Class of 1959. They will be celebrating their 50th year high school class reunion together on April 25, 2009. You can view more of this event on their Class of 1959 Blog at: http://marian-classof1959.blogspot.com/

Omega Chapter Rush - November 1, 2008, at 3:00, a Rush was hosted by our chapter in Connie Greer's lovely home in Marian Park. Vera Marshall Brown, our 2nd Vice President, sent out invitations to seven ladies. They were, Jane Laboda, Pam Melsheimer, Katie Hossley, Janie Seabergh, Shannon Curro, Cathy Lee, and Laura McCallum. Everyone seemed to enjoy the wine, cheese and finger sandwiches, etc., that the members brought to celebrate the occasion. You can view more of this event on PAK Omega Chapter Snapshots Blog at: http://pakomegachaptersnapshots.blogspot.com/

Our Omega Chapter celebrated our Christmas Party at Toney's Restaurant on Mission 66 on December 6. Members-at-Large were also invited to come and bring their spouses.

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