Friday, January 9, 2009

News from ~ Denver Delta

The last Chapter meeting was in October. November's Thanksgiving dinner was cancelled due to members being ill. Heavy snowfall and icy streets kept us from meeting in December. Our older cars to not care to be driven on such day.

Gennie McCloskey has decided that, as of December 15, she must resign her membership due to the long drive to Chapter meetings. We will all miss Gennie's quiet demeanor and warm smile.

Betty Shea still manages to produce many wonderful handmade crocheted and knitted items that are raffled to raise money for their church. Betty also mailed our Christmas donations to the Salvation Army and Denver Rescue mission. With this cold spell, the missions are full and some of the homeless were sent to motels on the coldest of nights, so money was greatly appreciated.

Elly Danko baked her Christmas cookies as usual for her friends and relatives. She attended the Christmas party at the Edelweiss Club. She also visited the Christkindel Markey with her daughter Christine, a yearly tradition.

Walburga Salazar went to the Christmas party at the Edelweiss Club with Elly. Walburga continues to help elderly and disabled people in her building by driving them to various appointments. This was hampered this month when her card broke down.

Isoide Meyer and daughter Heidi kicked off the Christmas season with their annual Madrigal dinner in Fort Collins. In keeping with the time period, a traditional English dinner is served with only a spoon provided with which to eat. The evening is sprinkled with Madrigal music that is used to "sing in" each course of food, and culminates in a candlelit room where everyone sings "Silen Night."

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