Friday, January 9, 2009

January 2009 ~ Keynote

From your National President.....Pam Gee

Can you believe 2009 is already here? Where did the months go?

We in PAK have had a difficult year, losing several of our members. In 2008, we bid a final farewell to Margaret Stephens, Wanda Duvernet, Helene Walley, and Barbara Kinnebrew, as well as PAK Rats John Danko (Ellie, Denver Delta) and John Anderson (the late Mary, Vicksburg Alpha.)

We are glad to see some of the chapters rushing and inviting friends to join them. We hope this results in a growing membership. PAK is too wonderful not to share!

Convention time is coming up. Note the dates below and mark them on your calendars. you will also be getting more information our Founder's Day celebration in March put on my Vicksburg Omega Chapter.

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